We'll get together either in person or on skype.  I'll have your chart prepared, and we'll hit the ground running with a dialogue about what the chart is saying.  My job is to explain to you the story of your chart, without talking about 'Planets houses, aspects and transits."  Those are all terms that won't have any meaning to you.  I want to take you on a trip through your Astrology chart, and your life.  Like any other trip, whether it be Paris, Big Sur, or Tokyo, descriptions of it, won't do it justice.  I want you to have the experience of the Archetypal intelligence that make your experience unique and complete.  Nobody else is having the experience you are, and there are reasons for this, I want to explore the reasons behind your experience and have you leave our time together with an invigorated sense of your unique purpose. Your Astrology Chart existed at the moment of your birth, and it told a story, and the story continues to unfold right this moment.  Part of your story is our meeting .  It will be thrilling to make contact with the intelligence that designs your story, and your life.