Transit Session


From the moment of our birth, the planets continue to move through the Solar System like the hands on a watch.  As they come into geometric relationship with our natal structure, transformations of specific areas of your consciousness, person, and life that have been fated, will occur.  The catalysts of transformation are applied for your ultimate benefit, no matter how they feel.  The most profound changes take place over longer periods of time, and exert pressure to transform your internal and external life.  Their intention is to clear away the transitory conditioned aspects of your person, to make space for more eternal and contemporary ones. If you know which agencies of transformation are present in your life, you'll recognize their signature, and will be able to partner with their intention, rather than fighting the unavoidable changes they will bring.  I'll identify the agencies of change that are present right now, and what areas of your life they wish to transform. You'll leave this session with an understanding of the larger cycle of development you are currently living living through, and will know  how the changes being asked of you are are most likely to manifest.