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Psychedelic substances had been utilized as a consciousness technology for ten thousand years before Albert Hoffman discovered the effects of LSD in 1943. This discovery allowed psychedelic experience to travel throughout the world to places where psychedelics did not occur in the local fauna. LSD was quickly utilized by psychiatrists and psychologists to successfully treat anxiety, depression, and alcoholism. In 1957 Life Magazine published an article by Gordon Wasson on “The Magic Mushroom of Mexico.” This ushered in the age of indigenous adventure consciousness travel that continues today as eager psychonauts head off to the Amazon in search of enlightenment. These two modalities, one built upon the western understanding of the psyche, and the other based in folk healing, still flow in parallel vicinity to one another and sometimes interweave into the modern psychedelic experience.

By the time psychedelics became recreationalized in the 1960’s, they’d already had two decades of successful use in clinical settings in Europe and the Americas(where coincidentally, they had long indigenous histories.) Once they leaked from professional clinics into the general population, their impact on western culture was enormous. However, recreational use also created difficulties for people who took these substances in sub-optimal situations with unclear intentions, where their profound power was not properly respected or contained. There is little doubt that psychedelics used thoughtlessly can be harmful.


A psychedelic renaissance is occurring that merges the clinical success of the the 1950’s and 60’s with a folk medicines that have been available for millenia. People are hungry for the consciousness transforming experiences that these substances can potentially catalyze. This hunger is being exploited by entrepreneurial providers, with no formal therapeutic training or education, who lack the dexterity to encourage challenging experiences to bear life changing insights. As more people are provided these substances in groups designed to maximize provider profits, individuals get less personal care, less empathy, and less personal investment. While these sort of groups lessen the expense for the participants, they also dilute the attention of the provider, and lessen the chance of breakthrough insights that individualized empathy engenders. Group work also exposes one to the emotional and physical suffering of strangers, in unfamiliar environments that can be a distraction from one’s inner landscape. Those who are able to choose better circumstances for themselves, should.


I have an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies from Syracuse University and a Master’s Degree in Counseling from The California Institute of Integral Studies. At Syracuse my special field of study was Carl Jung’s theories on how the stifling of the Psyche’s religious instinct is the engine behind all psychological struggles. At CIIS, I studied with many of the original pioneers of Psychedelic Therapy. Presently CIIS is the world’s only academic institution offering certification in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. While there I trained as a therapist, and did three years of psychotherapy internships. I have thirty years of experience in helping people utilize psychedelic substances for their maximum benefit, while reducing their risk. It is my experience that when used intelligently, psychedelics can be a tremendous tool of insight, creativity, healing, and over all well being.


If you are interested in utilizing psychedelics responsibly, I can help position you for maximum safety, comfort and benefit. Whether you are considering micro-dosing, or using Psychedelic Therapy to overcome a psychological, creative, or spiritual challenge, or are just looking to increase your well being through harvesting the unique insights this experience provides, there is a battle tested protocol that will position you for success, while minimizing the chance of difficult experiences. Many variables in psychedelics use can be controlled to ensure that you have a maximally beneficial experience. We’ll work together to customize a program based on your goals, your life experience, and your unique psychological constitution, to empower you to have a positive, and fulfilling outcome. After your experience, I will help you plant the harvested insights into your daily life. Ultimately, the value of the psychedelic experience is determined by its impact on the quality of your life going forward. It should not be a spectacular phantasm whose recall is an exciting memory, but a reservoir, whose deep life giving waters can be drawn on during all the days that follow. Psychedelic experience offers you the opportunity to look at the circumstances of your life from a fresh perspective, and if used intelligently, can be a tool of healing, transformation, inspiration and joy. Let’s work together to create a program in service of your highest good.


More and more often I find people wish for me to travel to them for consultations. If this is a desire of yours, don’t hesitate to request it during our discussions. I am usually able to accommodate most requests.