I am so excited to be a part of an online collection of authors, artists, clinicians, facilitators and advocates for the first of its’ kind Psilocybin Summit. The Mount Tam Integration Circle has created a worldwide online gathering to discuss, imagine and create the future of Psilocybin. I have always been hesitant to involve myself with collectives, as I feel it can flatten inspiration. But I feel fortunate for the opportunity to be included among this group of visionaries and innovative thinkers.

I have in the past, been resistant to the groups that have tried to claim Psilocybin for themselves. These groups include clinicians(who have the valuable aspiration to remove Psilocybin from their Schedule One designation) burners(who seem just interested in altering themselves), and entrepreneurs, who appear to me to just want to profit from Psilocybin’s life altering capacities. I have always considered myself an iconoclast, and the moment anything gets co-opted by groups, I wish to have nothing to do with it. Personally, working with Psilocybin is similar to working with Astrology. It is neither art nor science independently, but a combination of the two. The group that has been gathered together, covers just about angle on the approach to this miraculous molecule.

To me, Psilocybin and Astrology are quantum tools. They reveal the explicit order behind the implicit realities we experience in our lives. Whether these realities are physical, historical, or biographical, there is a larger purpose behind them, and this purpose was designed by the same intelligence that structured the entire physical(which is 1 percent of the entire) universe. Astrology and Psilocybin both take you past what your senses have told you about what you are. The same senses that rise up out of the physical universe, are limited in their capacity to inform you about the other 99 percent of it, and how that influences you at your deepest levels.

The 920 Summit has brought me into a collective of thinkers, artists, clinicians, musicians, and healers. The diverse line up reflects the multiplicity that Psilocybin gives birth to in thinking, feeling, and understanding. Psiilocbyin is having its’ moment. It is being revealed as a tool of understanding and consciousness transformation. A metanoia that can literally change the world. Don’t hesitate to become part of this gathering. I am going to make a point of listening to every single speaker who is a part of this conference. I have made a profound study of Psilocybin over the the last thirty years, and I expect my knowledge of it to grow exponentially by the end of the conference. If you are curious at all, heed the call of your intuition. I guarantee that you will be rewarded.



Robert Mitchell