I had written another post, inspired by having seen Coco(which was great)but I have been moved by attending a symposium that was  about Psychedelics, Virtual Reality, and Blockchain, an emerging metacurrency that seeks to democratize value exchange.  In their own way, the discussion of these subjects left me dissatisfied.  Each of these technologies were presented as a tool of democratized access to liberate consciousness, experience, and form an economy of value liberty outside the control of individual countries.  But each of these aspirations fell short. 

     Liberty begins and ends with each individuals access to the true foundations of their identity.  Most of us, myself included, think too restrictively about who we are, where we come from, and where are the boundaries of our self definition.  Most of our identities are  composed of memories, our emotional response to those memories, and the things we prioritize in our awareness on a daily basis.  But this is just the topsoil of our experience, and if you think that this is a sufficiently nutritive identity, you need to only look at what a profound problem depression is around the world, and especially in western culture.  Our habits of awareness are the habits of the ego, and while they help us navigate the world, they exclude the very things that most nurture the individual and collective spirit. 

     We live in a universe that is ten billion light years wide, that has been expanding steadily for fourteen billion years.  Uncountable galaxies, contain nearly infinite numbers of solar systems.  Every single atom atom in space and in matter is infused with the same intelligence behind the initial event that created everything.  All matter is a denser version of the gasses that are spread throughout the ten billion light years of space that make up the known universe. Yet we perceive our environment and our experience through a nervous system that has reptilian origins, and this is where our identity begins. 

    We speak about our parents, and their ancestors, and we recreate their rituals of living and habits of consciousness. We identify ourselves, tribally, culturally, and ethnically, bunching together a group of identifiable aspects of our person, to identify where we come from, and what we are.  We identify with political notions that are really just economic preferences, and think that these things fill us out, and give us like minded people with whom to identify.  But these are just shortcuts we been taught to use, and they leave us wanting.  They leave us alone with others who also use these superficial structures of identity that are also superficial. 

   So what are we?  We are the intelligence behind the expansive wave of the universe, localizing locally as each one of us.  This speaks of the ultimate democracy and personal liberty. Whatever we think of ourselves that is not inclusive of this is superficial, and a conventional habit.  Each one of us has the same capacity to experience our origins fourteen billion years old and ten billion light years wide. We are composed of the same energy in a different atomic arrangement as the biggest stars, the hottest gasses, and the brightest light we can imagine. 

    We imagine our reality as strictly physical, and which is exactly  how our primitive sense organs describe it.  But our environment is mostly consciousness, and there is no actual distance between ourselves and what we perceive, and no real difference between the origins of our environment, the other people we encounter in it, and ourselves. Our dreams rise up from the same field of intelligence that our physical life does. The real difference between people is the limitation they place on perceiving their origins and the origins of those they encounter.  Mistakenly we parse out little pieces of our reality into our current location, the city, we are in, perhaps the state, and of course our country.  We agree with others to call our shared abstractions, actual reality.  But actually we are inhabiting an expanding intelligence field, manifested physically as cooling gasses that coalesce into matter.  And these gasses and solids, both hot and cold, can trace their origins back to the same place each one of us, and all who we encounter here do.  The only difference between us, is the limitation we place on our ability to perceive and be nurtured by our shared origins.  It's actually a true democracy and available to everyone.


Robert Mitchell