Session for Parents of Newborns and Young Children

The most profound Astrological Readings are for the parents of newborn children.  This reading provides a look through an open window into the life to come.  We will discuss the already established structures of a child's consciousness that will determine how they perceive their parents, family and social environment.  This reading will provide parents with an objective, empathic look at their newborn or young child.  It will serve as an eternal reminder that each child arrives intact, with their own predilections, talents, preferences, and challenges.  We'll identify what a child perceives, thinks, and feels and have a peek into the future.  In many cultures with wisdom traditions like those that existed in Tibet, an Astrologer is one of the first arrivals to a home after the birth of a child.  In our western tradition, in the story of the The Three Magi who discover the child Jesus, the magi were originally Astrologers, but when Astrology became disavowed as a kind of magic by the church at the time of the first gospel, the story was changed.  That shouldn't keep you from experiencing a wisdom perspective on your child's life.  The perspective from this reading will serve you for years and is something that will be referred to and treasured as a useful tool.