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Robert Mitchell

Primordial Astrology

Robert Mitchell lives in Los Angeles, the city where he was born. He received his B.A. in Religious Studies from Syracuse University in 1991. His focus of study was Carl Jung's theories about the origins of religious experience worldwide. Robert’s particular interest was the shamanism of indigenous cultures, and the mystery schools that emerged in western civilization. While at Syracuse, he became aware of Carl Jung's study of Astrology.  Jung saw Astrology and Alchemy as the esoteric religions of antiquity.  Of Astrology he once said, "It contains everything that I have found in Psychology and I've yet to find if Psychology has anything to offer her older sister. " Jung’s notion that all psychological problems were at their core, actually religious in nature, was an organizing principle for his studies, and in present work . Robert received his M.A. in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in 1994.  At CIIS he studied Eastern and Western models of consciousness with dignitaries Ralph Metzner, Stan Grof, Rick Tarnas, and Michael Harner.  From 1992-1994 he undertook his counseling internship at the Church Street Counseling Center in San Francisco. At CSCC, he was trained to do therapy by Lu Grey, a long time Gestalt therapist who had been trained by Fritz Perls.  At the same time, personal computers had made it possible for him to assemble Astrology Charts,  and he found that as soon as he could print them, he could interpret them.  Over the past 25 years he has worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life.  Over time, his inspiration for working with clients has changed.  Initially, he used Astrology as a tool to demonstrate the identifiable structures in his client's consciousness which shaped their experiences.  Over many years, he has become more interested in identifying the invested intelligence behind an individual's circumstances, whatever they may be.  He believes a relationship with the numinous is an important aspect of the health of each person, and the places where that awareness is blocked, is where one struggles.   It’s his belief that the experience of the numinous has been conditioned out of our culture both individually and collectively, and is the source of much suffering.   The act of recognizing and engaging the intelligent design in each individual’s life promotes an engaged relationship with that intelligence that is restorative, inspiring, practical, and directive.