Natal Astrology Session


     Astrology presupposes that the place and time of your birth reveals the intentions of an intelligence invested in your lifelong transformation, and the maximum contribution you can make to the collective.  The triumphs, talents, and struggles implicit in your experience have been arranged for a profound transformation that is to benefit everyone you encounter. Your natal chart identifies a system of energy that is in the process of evolving toward its highest expression.   Before you met your parents, family, friends, and culture, this system was in place to influence every perception and expression of your life to come.  Your session will shift your perspective from the conditioned state of consciousness that results from historical and biographical causality toward the transformative intent that preceded all those experiences.  Identifying the intent provides an immutable sense of understanding and purpose, and will reacquaint you with the Primordial Intelligence whose investment in your well being preceded memory, history, and cultural conditioning. Together,  we will amplify the awareness of this intelligence into your everyday experience.  The purpose of this session is to bring the hidden mechanics of your experience into high relief, so you can utilize them for your maximum benefit.