Meditation For Teenagers

Our culture bombards our children with stimulation.  Cell phones demand their attention hundreds of times a day.  E mails, texts, social networks, 24 hour news cycles.  There is no peace.  Peer pressure requires constant contact, and constant network presence.  A teenager's brain is being shaped and wired by their online activity.  The human brain has developed over two million years in response to it's environmental challenges, with the internet only being a part of that experience for the past two decades or so.  As a brain gets conditioned to stay connected to an external framework, self soothing, focus, and grounding in one's own experience becomes more and more difficult, and one's authentic feeling experience becomes more and more foreign.  Meditation is the ultimate tool for reconnecting teenagers with themselves. It can be used as a lifetime tool to provide insight, self soothing, and an authentic experience separated from external stimulation, and peer demands.   It is a shelter from the storm of modern life.  It's a gift you can give your child to navigate the world, that can insulate your children against a lot of the challenges awaiting them in adulthood.  Meditation has scientifically been proven to be more effective than any drug as an anti-dote for depression, anxiety, and addictions.  It is the brain's built in self care utility.  Your child shouldn't leave home without it. I will find your child, comfortable cushions, and teach them proper posture, and a simple meditation technique to develop a lifetime practice.