Astrology utilizes the location and time of your birth to provide the broadest physical perspective on our Solar System and the universe spread out beyond it.  This perspective reveals the mechanics of an implicit order, beyond space and time, that informs the explicate order of the physical world you emerged into at the moment of your birth. Astrology reveals the intention behind the moment of your birth.  The same intelligence that shaped galaxies, and existed for billions of years before the earth formed, brought you into the physical world when everything was in order for the intended experiences to come.  This intelligence was influencing your experience before you encountered your parents, family, social environment and culture. Your encounter with your environment, and the  feelings, sensations and thoughts it conditioned, is the veil between you and the Primordial Intelligence that has shaped your life. That same intelligence is present at this moment.  Astrology speaks the language of this intelligence, and reveals its investment and presence in your daily life.