“The decisive question for man is: Is he related to something infinite or not.” - C.G. Jung

In my work I help individuals transform their perspective from one that has been dominated by their personal history and biography, toward an awareness of the eternal field that precedes this life, follows it, and is, and has been interwoven throughout it. Moving from biography and the reflexive conditioning it creates, a client can experience a more spacious, and holistic version of themself. A version that contains the awareness of timeless elements of their consciousness uninfluenced by family, biography and culture.

Both Astrology and Psychedelic Experience can be tools in expanding the holism of timeless experience. Astrology, because it is capable of identifying the unique building blocks of consciousness that precede the experiences that we recall as ourselves. Those structures still exist and can be identified objectively, so that they don’t exercise a blind influence on what we recall in the past, or create in the present. Under the right circumstances, psychedelics can inspire an ecstatic awareness in the individual in relationship to their origins outside of space and time. They can be used as a tool to examine the static assumptions we make about ourselves and the experiences that shape our identity. For most, our recall of our history is the foundation of our identity. Psychedelics can provide a broader perspective on the topography of our consciousness. A topography that stretches out far wider, deeper, and higher, than biographical memories can expose. It is this recall of this broader self that heals. An experience beyond conditioning, and beyond historical narrative can reseat one’s identity into a richer and fuller space that can be lasting and powerful.