I have been passionately involved with Astrology for thirty years. During that time I have studied everything I could find about it. Most of what I have studied has not been helpful for really understanding Astrology. Some of it has been, and from the relevant material and history, I have been able to build a practice that can shed light on the experience of any person who wishes to have the intelligent design of their life revealed. From my experience I have been able to glean what is real and true about Astrology, and to build a vision of Astrology that is strong, unique and inspiring for practitioner and client alike.

Over thirty years, I have learned that Astrology is as real as music, painting, or poetry is. An Astrology chart is a field of numinous symbols that do not cause, but reflect a person’s experience. Astrology is not a mechanistic science. Looking at an Astrology chart is like peering into a holographic snapshot of the cosmos and seeing how each individual’s consciousness expresses a unique part of it, in a unique, creative and intentionally developmental way. There is an intelligent intention that reveals itself in each person’s chart. An identifiable demand is being placed on each person in present time that is identifiable in each person’s experience. This is Astrology’s gift. it shows that there is an intelligence behind each the experience of each person’s that can be uniquely spoken about, identified, and partnered with.

It is my intention to teach the capacity to share this information with a few select students. The most important attribute of a potential apprentice is enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the engine of profound comprehension. It will overcome difficulty and power determination. I have read all the books. I know who all the great Astrologer’s are, and have been. I have read thousands of Astrology Charts for clients world wide. I have spent three decades parsing through the best Astrological information on which to build an Astrological vision. . But, I know that what is required to understand this art is a passion for understanding. I want to teach people who are invested in understanding this esoteric art and are willing to commit to including this vivifying vision of life into their worldview with the depth that makes it possible to share it with others. There has been nothing in my life that has been as amazing as sharing this information with individuals and showing them that there is an architecture in their life that is able to be identified and harnessed.

For anyone interested in an apprenticeship, I am willing to open the vaults of information that I have gathered over three decades of study and consultation. I will teach you over a few months, what has taken me thirty years to understand. The only requirement is that you have a passion for learning. I will give you the capacity to understand how Astrology functions in your life, always has, and always will. This understanding will be the foundation of your capacity to share this understanding with others. This is the secret of Astrology. You need to experience it’s energies and principles in yourself first, and from that the capacity of first hand experience, a capacity to share this experience in a profound way will blossom.

My plan is marinate you in Astrological Knowledge so that you can take what I teach you and make it your own. I will teach you the foundations of Astrological Theory, and how it will allow you to understand every single chart you will ever encounter. I am going to provide you with actionable intelligence that will allow you to tease out the story in any Astrology chart, and communicate information that is accurate, inspiring and has utility. Together, we will meticulously approach Astrology from all levels that are required for you to be able to translate the time language of Astrology into the experience of everyday life. It took me a very long time to discover Astrology’s greatest treasures, but my long journey has left me with a map that I am willing to share. No matter what your background, I guarantee this will be the most fascinating study of your life.

There are two ways that I am willing to pass on this knowledge. I am willing to work one on one in an intensive with individual’s who are inspired for a fast track understanding of Astrology. The fastest path to understanding will allow me to customize my teaching, to the speed of your learning. You’ll be fed as much information as your appetite for learning requires. I’m also willing to teach groups. If you would like to assemble a group of like minded individuals, who are inspired to learn, I would be willing to create an itinerary that is fun, inspiring and profound. We’ll meet regularly and have passionate discourse about Astrology that will create a profound understanding in every member of the group that will be a bonding initiation. Feel free to contact me and discuss either of these options, and let’s get started.