Adolescent and Young Adult Sessions


There is no time of life when an individual's focus on their identify and purpose comes into higher relief than during adolescence and early adulthood.  At this historical moment, individual awareness of fate has been drowned beneath a tsunami of peers, social networks, twenty four hour news cycles, and non stop cell phone usage.  Young people are continually pulled away from their uniqueness and bathed in the lowest common denominator of a culture that values consumer creation more than it does unique and profound individuals.  An Astrology reading for a young person emerging into a new social world is precisely the antidote for a youth culture that spreads a unified vision of peer pressure before the individual has an opportunity to experience what is objectively unique about themselves.  I will provide the young adult with a perspective on where they have come from, and where they are going, and imbue their sense of identity with an archetypal uniqueness and value that they will be able to take with them wherever they are headed.  They'll be reminded of their unique fate, and be shown the value of anchoring their identity to it.   This reading will be an antidote to the collective think that the internet and social platforms promote, and will be an invaluable point of orientation to carry into the years to come.